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Andrea Crews shifts the codes of fashion, thanks to its innovative approach of upcycling and streetwear couture style. It is a forerunner of uninhibited, colorful fashion and comes in two lines. The High Street line and the artisanal line made in his parisian workshop in the marsh. Andrea Crews’ style is oversized, unisex, colorful and bold, it plays with mixes of materials, strong prints and the diversion of dress codes.

Located in the First floor of the building hosting our store, the Andrea Crews atelier is the place where are designed all of our products and where our upcycling products are created. 

This proximity gives us the opportunity to think about a product on the morning, to concept it in the afternoon and to drop it in the store on the evening, without any carbon footprint. 

This short circuit process follows our commitments of degrowth and our will to be an artisan of fashion.